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Important information for all patients

Consulting a doctor over the phone

The phone consultation system as of June 2015.

The ability to contact your doctor during treatment ensures that your feel safe and comfortable throughout the treatment. Telephone assistance is available to Patients who have medical records at nOvum and who have visited the clinic in the past 12 months.

Consult us over the phone when you need to:

  • obtain advice in emergencies,
  • schedule a procedure (insemination, biopsy on own cycle or transfer of thawed embryos)
  • consult test results in order to agree on the required course of treatment.

Please accept the following rules regarding phone consultations at nOvum

  • The person providing basic medical information is primarily the consultant. The consultant can be contacted on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. The consultant will ask you for identifying information and to present the problem. Should your doubts/questions require direct contact with the doctor, the consultant will arrange a phone consultation with the doctor and inform you as to the relevant details.
  • Registering for a phone consultation with a doctor is arranged only on the day of the consultation between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on weekdays.
  • Doctors only consult over the phone with patients who have been registered.

Please remember that the number of daily phone consultations and the time each doctor dedicates to telephone assistance is limited! Due to this we ask that you prepare for the consultation, prepare questions, doubts, test results, and try to keep the consultation as brief as possible. This way the doctor will be able to help as many of our Patients as possible.

The doctor available for phone consultations may not be your attending doctor.

Privacy policy

Medical services are offered to nOvum Patients based on registering their personal information with the clinic which, in accordance with the law, is deemed to be the processing of such personal information. During registration, prior to the first visit or examination, Patients are requested to present their personal IDs and agree to the processing of their personal information.

Collecting test results

The way you collect your test results depends on whether the test were paid for by the patient or are being refunded by the National Health Fund:

  • The results of refunded laboratory tests are delivered to the doctor who ordered the test. The doctor will provide the patient with the results during their next visit.

The clinic’s Main Office does not give out information pertaining to the results of refunded tests.

  • The results of tests paid for by the patients can be collected at the Main Office. An ID or authorization is required to collect the results.

Magnetic stripe card

Issued to Patients during the first visit, the card is used to provide a simple, quick and accurate identification method for ensuing visits - please ensure that you bring your card for your upcoming consultations. If you should lose the card, please report this to the reception desk. Test results will only be issued on presentation of your ID.

Prescriptions for reimbursed medicines

Please bring your current proof of medical insurance to each visit - this is required for us to issue prescriptions for reimbursed medicines. If you do not have a proof of medical insurance your doctor will issue an unreimbursed prescription.

ISO certificate

The high standards of medical care offered by the nOvum Fertility Clinic have been confirmed by the ISO certification.

Please be advised that any photographs used throughout the website are the property of the nOvum Fertility Clinic. The photographs of embryos are to be treated as illustration for the respective articles only - they are not representative of the ones transferred during actual treatment.