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I have given birth



Please let us know of the birth of your son or daughter! We realise that the days your children are born are the most beautiful - we would be delighted to hear from you when your baby arrives.

The nOvum Fertility Clinic is one of the dozen or so clinics in Poland to report the treatment results (all data are submitted as summaries only, no personal information is sent!) to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. ESHRE is the biggest European scientific society for medical professionals specialising in reproductive medicine. ESHRE reports are then published, and are the official source of information on the number and methods of treatments performed, as well as the effectiveness of teatment. We believe that the voluntary and regular submissions of medical data by clinics is proof of their reliability and responsibility, and the published data provides a way for prospective patients to decide on treatment with a particular clinic.

We will appreciate your feedback as your submissions will help us aggregate the complete medical documentation.

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Congratulations again! Please accept our best wishes for the bigger family!
nOvum Fertility Centre and Clinic