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Why choose novum

The nOvum Fertility Clinic was created in 1994 and specializes in diagnosis and treatment of infertility as well as cryopreservation of cells and tissue. 

nOvum’s medical staff is made up of doctors representing all specialities connected to reproductive medicine: gynaecologists, obstetricians, andrologists, endocrinologists, geneticists, internists as well as embryologists, cryobiologists, biologists and analysts. Our patients have also access to psychologists, and a sexologist.

We specialise in in vitro fertilization with over 1700 procedures performed every year. Our many years of experience as well as the treatment methods used in nOvum allow us to provide effective medical assistance in even the most difficult cases. We have been reporting our success rates to ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) since 1999 and our statistics are available on our website in accordance with ESHRE standards (see statistics).

nOvum has its own sperm bank and a stem cell bank where we preserve frozen oocytes, ovarian and testicular tissue as well as embryos, for our patients.

We also have our own laboratories: analysis, bacteriological, andrological, IVF, cryobiological and a genetics laboratory. There is a separate section for medical procedures.

nOvum is the most often chosen partner for international clinical studies relating to reproductive medicine in Poland. It is a sign of recognition given by the medical community to the quality of the services offered at our clinic. (see more information on clinical studies currently being conducted).

The high quality of medical services offered at nOvum is confirmed by the EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate in the area of “Infertility diagnosis and treatment, assisted reproduction technologies”.

In 2012 we received the „Friendly Clinic” title awarded to medical centres which meet the highest standards of service. This is established during a double audit which assesses: quality of service, availability, respecting patient rights, the marketing and informational methods used, the complexity and quality of patient care, medical organization potential. The nOvum Clinic received the highest marks in all audited areas.

Our patients can make use of the large and air-conditioned waiting rooms, the cafeteria and relaxation corners, the garden surrounding the clinic and a private parking lot.

The Dates of nOvum’s
Biggest Successes

January 1995

performed the first intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) at nOvum and in Poland; successfully delivered the first ICSI pregnancy in September 1995

April 1996

achieved the first pregnancy at nOvum and in Poland using ICSI PESA (sperm collected through the percutaneous epididymal aspiration).
Delivery: December 1996

September 2002

achieved a pregnancy at nOvum using sperm frozen 12 years before as a means of fertility protection before going into cancer treatment. The same sperm was successfully used on two more occasions - with two more pregnancies achieved and subsequent deliveries.
Delivery: may 2013

March 2006

achieved the first pregnancy in Poland using IVM (in vitro maturation of ovarian follicles).
Delivery: November 2006

April 2007

achieved the first pregnancy in Poland using a thawed egg cell.
Delivery: December 2007

March 2010

achieved the first pregnancy in Poland using a genetically screened egg (polar body biopsy).
Delivery: November 2010

January 2011

transferred an embryo following almost 11 years in cryopreservation, with subsequent successful delivery
Delivery: October 2011

October 2012

performed the first M-TESE procedure in Poland and achieved a subsequent pregnancy

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