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A Guarantee of Safety at nOvum

The nOvum Clinic is the fist clinic in Poland to have introduced a unique system of tagging gametes and embryos, which ensures they will be correctly identified at every stage of laboratory processing and storage.



One of the most important expectations couples being treated for infertility have, is the assurance that the gametes and embryos they entrust to the in vitro laboratory and the cryo-bank will be always correctly identified. From the moment the egg cells and sperm cells are collected, they are under the care and supervision of the embryologists. This is a great responsibility and requires the best and most efficient quality control system, as well as identifying samples at every stage of laboratory processing. This applies to both the samples collected before fertilization and identifying the embryos while they are being grown in the IVF laboratory, during transfer, while they are being prepared for cryopreservation, while they are stored and during cryotransfer. In the past years nOvum has worked with an original system of multiple checks, however we have always kept an eye out for new technological developments in this area. 

In 2015 we made the strategic decision to introduce an electronic and independent control system that allows us to keep track of samples at each stage of the laboratory processing. It is a significant undertaking, both from an organizational and financial perspective, which we embarked on keeping in mind the safety of the procedures that take place at nOvum, the comfort of the patients who entrust their biological samples to us, and the working conditions of embryologists who can dedicate their full attention to the medical procedures.

The system we introduced is RI Witness, used in the world’s best in vitro laboratories in 22 countries to supervise over 500 000 in vitro cycles. 

How does RI Witness work?

  • Each couple receives a card with a unique, personal code at the beginning of treatment.
  • Every piece of laboratory equipment used during the process of collecting and transferring biological material (e.g. containers for collecting semen samples, laboratory glassware etc.) are tagged with the same code.
  • The ID tags and the electronic code identification system (RFID technology) allow the identification, tracking and registration of the patients’ biological material during each stage of the in vitro fertilization.
  • Each work area and workstation in the IVF laboratory receives the wireless signal sent out by the ID tags, ensuring the safe tracking of the entire cycle. This means that each stage is monitored and registered by a system independent from our internal laboratory protocols.
  • RI Witness confirms the identity of the biological material repeatedly and at every station, only when the identity is confirmed does the system allow for the work to proceed.
  • In the unlikely event that the system registers any potential identity incompatibility of the cells or embryos, the laboratory procedures are automatically blocked by the system, which prevents any potential mistakes. In such a case, a procedure to investigate the incompatibility is immediately launched.

What are the benefits of the introduction of the RI Witness system at nOvum for our patients?

  • The certainty that each stage of the fertilization process in the nOvum laboratory is safely monitored; guaranteeing that the biological material is correctly and exactly identified at each stage of the laboratory procedures.
  • The assurance that you are being treated at a clinic which successfully performs a great number of in vitro procedures, and for which your security and the successful outcome of the treatment are the highest priorities. nOvums philosophy is based on ensuring the highest standards, quality control and the careful supervision of each stage of treatment.
  • The knowledge that your gametes and embryos are cared for by a team of embryologists working in comfortable conditions, which allow them to perform each procedure with absolute care and attention.
  • The certainty that your gametes and embryos are in a secure location, under the constant supervision of embryologists, cryobiologists and efficient electronic systems.
  • The certainty that during the time that your embryos and gametes are cryopreserved, they are tagged and identified through a unique system- they are safe!

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